From concept to execution, every manufacturing project carries its share of risk for manufacturers and their employees. Liability for any professional negligence, real or alleged, can remain a looming specter long after the product is delivered to the consumer. Younts Insurance Agency has access to the top rated insurance companies and can help you assess and reduce risks to put together just the right type of insurance program — all with the advantage of choice.

In addition to traditional brokerage services Younts Insurance Agency offers, we work with our manufacturing clients to evaluate a broad spectrum of exposures such as:

  • Manufacturing Process Flow

  • Supply Chain Management Audit

  • Business Continuity Management

  • Contingent Exposure Analysis

  • Business Income/Interruption Analysis

  • Risk Transfer Alternatives

  • Disaster Plan & Response Programs

  • Workplace Safety

  • Insurance Program Review & Alternative Risk Financing

  • Human Resources Procedures Audit

  • Captive Feasibility Study

At Younts Insurance Agency, our strategy is to focus on the enterprise-wide health of the manufacturing clients we represent. This commitment by Younts Insurance Agency allows you to focus on managing your business and creating a meaningful impact towards your bottom line.


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